Jafnrétti í sveitarfélögum

Námskeið á Grand hóteli í Reykjavík 1. apríl 2016

09:00 Introduction Gender Equality in Swedish municipalities  
Gender equality and other key terms in context
Gender mainstreaming - good practice from Swedish municipalities
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Sustainable Equality
Preconditions for gender mainstreaming and improvement
Assignment, mandate, conditions in the organization
Management, control and monitoring
16:00 Closing

Birgitta Andersson, SALAR

Birgitta has over 20 years working experience with gender and equality, with a special focus on community planning. She has experience in both research and teaching, of evaluation and of training and guidance. In SALAR Birgitta is responsible for supporting policy and employees of the covenant with SALAR´s plan for gender mainstreaming.

Lillemor Harnell, SALAR

Responsible for skills development and training in quality assurance and improvement. She has extensive experience in quality and business development, of leading and evaluating processes and projects which combine structure and quality change management, communication and competence.