Námsstefna um fjármálareglur sveitarfélaga

Haldin á Grand hóteli í Reykjavík 22. janúar 2010

10:00  Opening adress
Mrs. Ragnhildur Helgadottir, Ministry of Transport,  Communications and Local Government 
10:15 Introduction to the workshop
Mr. Frank Steketee, CDLR Secretariat
10:30 Coordinating central and local economic policy in Iceland
Mr. Björn Rúnar Guðmundsson, Ministry of Economic Affairs
11:00 Break
11:15 Local government finance in the Netherlands
Mr. Gert-Jan Buitendijk, Director of Public Administration and Democracy in the Dutch Minstry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. 
11:45 Central-local co-ordination and responsibility in local government finances in Scandinavian countries.
Prof. emeritus Jorgen Lotz (DK), consulting in fin. matters for the CoE. Ministry of Finance of Denmark
12:15 Lunch 
13:15 Local government finance in the United Kingdom : an overview
Mr. Nick Cooper, Team Leader, Local Government Finance Directorate, Department for Communities and Local Government
13:45 Responsibility for local government finance in Iceland
Mr. Sigurður Snævarr, chief economist, Reykjavík City
14:15 Local authorities' debt
Prof. emeritus Bernd Spahn (D), Goethe Universität, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
15:15 Break 
15:30 Applying fiscal rules to the public sector
Mr. Richard Hughes, economist in Public Financial Management at IMF
16:00 Wrap-up session
Questions and discussions
17:00 Close and farewells